Friday, March 3, 2017

Festive occasions

The celebration of any festivity is never complete without sweets and when the sweets are made of chocolates it just steals the show and leaves your loved ones asking for more!

Personalized Gifts

Occasion or no occasion, expression of love to those you value always fulfills its purpose.
We take orders to personalize your gifts that are crafted as per your whims and fancies.

The return gifts

The occasion may be a pre-wedding ceremony, a wedding ceremony, a birthday party or a bachelorette party chocolates are always a fit-in.

We take bulk orders for all of the above and customization available too.


A brand is not just a logo, a website or business cards, it's an experience and what better way to make that experience sugary than to let chocolates represent your brand....

We undertake bulk order for branding your product/firm/application.

The Corporate gifts...

The few occasions that are eagerly awaited by all employees to let some sinful chocolates explode in their mouths at the same time being so easy on the eyes.
The other times, when the organisations look for gifting their esteemed clients we have options too...

We undertake bulk order and customize the wrapping as well as the ingredients.